Challenges in Selling Auto Insurance

Everyone in the United States who owns a car, truck, or commercial vehicle needs to insure it—so selling auto insurance should be easy, right? Not necessarily. The auto insurance market is highly competitive and price conscious, and customers are more informed these days than ever. Here are a few challenges you may face in selling auto insurance—and how to overcome them.

You have a lot of competition. True, everyone with a vehicle needs auto insurance. But that means the market is huge—and you have lots of competition. It’s important to be aware of the options out there for your customers in considering the type of auto insurance you sell—and know what makes your product different and better than other auto insurance products on the marketplace.

It also helps to be aware of specialized markets, depending on the type of auto insurance you sell. True, AllState or Geico might sell low-cost plans to lower-income prospects as well, but if you’re developing a highly targeted marketing campaign going after that group in your area, chances are they’ll think of you before the big guys if they’re not hearing the same consistent marketing messages from them.

Customers are well informed. With the advent of online searches and quote generators, you can bet a serious customer of yours will have thoroughly researched the market and has a general idea of the options and prices out there. Auto insurance customers today tend to be technically savvy, do their research, and have high expectations for service.

Customers are highly price-conscious. Cost matters—and it can be difficult in the auto insurance marketplace to position yourself as the more expensive but overall better option. Many people see auto insurance as a necessary expense, and one they’ll be happy to cut corners on if they can. You have sales opportunities if you can show your customers either how to save money, or how they can get more for their money through your company’s policies compared with what they’d get with the competitor. You’ll have a challenging job as a salesperson, however, if you’re the most expensive option.

Customers are online. And that means you should be, too. Many customers start their search for auto insurance using search engines—and it’s important for your website to come up for local search terms applicable to the type of insurance you sell. In addition, your customers are likely to use social media such as Facebook—which you can use to reach them. Establish yourself as an information resource for clients, and they’re likely to think of you first when they need insurance.

The more product options you give customers to save money in this market, the better. And the more you can reach your prospects online through search and social media, the more likely your business will flourish. Check out Insurance for more insight into the auto insurance market—and how to effectively sell auto insurance.

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