Defending Your Market Against The Big Insurance Companies: Tips for Small Insurers

Insurance is a great business to be in—because everyone needs it. Even in a slump, people need to hang on to their cars and houses—and feel their assets are protected. But according to this New York Times article, the big insurance companies are making more of an effort these days to boost revenue wherever they can find it, sometimes encroaching on the turf of local insurers. Here are a few tips for competing with the big guys.

Be less expensive. This might be tough for your business in a challenging economy. But many people and companies make their choices about insurance based on cost. And if you can undercut the big insurance companies, you’ll have an advantage. Find out what they’re charging in your area for the types of policies you sell—and see if you have room to offer a lower price. If you do, you have some options. You can start marketing aggressively to their customers, highlighting how much they’d save with you. Or you could send mailings out to your own customers, highlighting the new cost-saving incentives your company is about to roll out—and inviting them to get in touch to find out how they can save. If you do that with your existing customers, chances are good they’ll stick with you instead of switching.

Offer great customer service. Sure, the bigger insurance agencies may offer lower prices. But if their customer service isn’t great, customers will want to switch back sooner or later. Be the best on the block for customer service, and go out of your way to make sure your customers trust you. If you do, they’ll be much more reluctant to switch—even if a better premium offer comes along.

Build a presence in the community. If people in your community and local customer base know you personally, they’ll be more reluctant to switch to a large, impersonal insurer. Sponsor little league games. Join the Chamber of Commerce. Partner with local businesses to offer incentives to both your customers. Be sure your name is out there in your community—and even potential customers will be more likely to choose you over an insurance company that has no personal representatives in your community.

Emphasize your local roots in your marketing materials. For some customers, the fact that you’re based in their area makes a big difference. It means you’ll be on the scene quickly if there’s a problem. It means they can drop by your office for a quick consultation. If the big insurers don’t have a physical presence in your town, this could be a big advantage for you with some clients.

Competing against big insurance companies isn’t easy—but it can be done. If you can’t beat them on price, beat them at customer service. Be a big presence in your community—someone everyone knows. Be sure your customers know you’re local, and work hard to build personal relationships with the people and companies you insure. If you do, you’ll boost retention—and keep the big insurance companies from encroaching on your turf.

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