How to Collect Qualified Leads

If you haven’t been seeing much success from buying lists of “qualified leads” from a lead generation company, you’re not alone. Buying leads isn’t the same as collecting real qualified leads. The people on those lists may work for companies that need the type of insurance you sell—or may have bought it in the past. But depending on the type of insurance you sell, anyone may have bought it in the past or be carrying coverage now. That doesn’t make them qualified. They haven’t expressed an interest in you—or the insurance you sell. And calling them isn’t much of a step up from an ice-cold marketing call.

A qualified lead is a lead that has already demonstrated a need for or an interest in what you sell. And your success rates with these types of prospects will likely be much higher. Here are a few suggestions for collecting real, qualified leads.

Let them come to you. That’s what a website is for. Ideally, if your search engine optimization is good and you’re coming up in searches for the type of insurance you sell and in the area you sell it, you should be getting some steady traffic from people who have demonstrated an interest—by typing that search term into Google. You need a way to capture their contact information.

There are several ways to do this. One is by offering a newsletter or email signup. You get people to give their contact information by being sure there’s something in that newsletter they want—valuable information about buying insurance, an outline of the discounts you offer, or something else they’d want to know. Consider what information your prospects want and what questions they usually have for you—and tailor your newsletter to answer those questions.

You could also offer insurance purchasing guides, tutorials, e-books, or other valuable information in exchange for collecting emails. Chances are, if the person is interested enough in the information you’re offering to give you their contact info, they’re close to being ready to buy.

Use autoresponders. Once you get someone to give you their email, you can send an automated follow-up asking the person to fill out more comprehensive contact information and details about the type of insurance products they’re interested in. Again, if someone takes the time to do this, chances are they are very interested in buying.

Make your contact information obvious. The best leads are the ones who just contact you right away and tell you they want to talk about buying insurance. But you can still lose those leads if you don’t make the contact process easy and obvious. Put your contact information front and center—have a form on your home page so people can find that info as soon as they land on your site. If you make your contact form hard to find, people are likely to click on to your competitor’s website—even if that takes just as long as finding your form.

Collect feedback. Not everyone will get in touch with you or sign up at your first offer of an article or other free information. However, you can give them another opportunity to give their contact info by having a feedback screen pop up as they navigate away from their site. Offer an incentive for filling out the form and including their contact information. And ask questions about what they’re looking for. You can review the answers later to determine whether there’s a need your website isn’t filling—or a reason why these people aren’t leaving their information. Ultimately, it could help you capture a larger percentage of visitor information.

Your website could be a powerful lead generation machine—if it’s working well. Its power is in the fact that prospects have to come to you in one way or another—clearly demonstrating their interest. Set up your website to do a good job in generating these qualified leads, and you should have a steady stream of business. Check out online resources such as this article from Affiliate Marketing or this one from Marketing Profs to learn more.

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