Top 5 Ways to Sell Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance – Part 1

Focusing on Self and Family…

LTC continuing education providers in their online CE courses and LTC insurance companies would be well served to pay more attention to the fact that Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi) is for most people an emotional sale and generally all the rationalizing, facts, and figures in the world aren’t going to make an impact in a potential buyer’s viewpoint and decision to buy. Overcoming someone’s negative attitude or procrastinating behavior toward acquiring LTC insurance many times will ultimately require a discussion “from the heart” to help them truly relate to what buying the coverage really means and does for themselves (or what will happen if they do not) as well as other non-elder family members.

The fact is people buy LTCi because they want quality of life options in old age for themselves and the love they have for their families. We may well have greater sales success and greater positive effect on a growing number of people by focusing less on our sales presentation emphasizing benefits and features of the policy and more on how the need for LTC services can impact our client’s self and family. Our conversations more often need to be about:

  •   “It’s about what will happen to you and your family if you should need long-term care and you don’t have any insurance.”
  •   “Long-term care insurance is not protection for you. It’s protection for your spouse and family.”
  •   “Long-term care is a family issue and about having a plan to protect your family.”

We have attempted to do our part in this regard and hope our students have benefitted by our speaking to this subject in a specific section of our LTC CE courses.

The goal is to engage the prospect in a conversation that connects them emotionally to the idea that this is about more than just an LTC insurance policy. It’s about preserving freedom of choice and dignity for themselves as well as their family.

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