COVID-19: Best Practices to Help Your Business Clients Prepare for a Safer Reopening

Reopening Businesses During COVID -19Since mid-March, nearly 95% of the U.S. has been under some form of lockdown as a result of governors issuing stay-at-home orders to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Understandably, businesses that aren’t considered essential have anxiously awaited the day when they can open their doors again. But as your clients prepare to reopen, it’s critical that they understand the necessary measures that must be taken to help keep customers and employees safe. The following are best practices that can help your clients prepare for a safer reopening.

Know and follow local, state and federal mandates

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and state and federal mandates are in place to protect customers and employees. These requirements cover everything from personal protective equipment (PPE) and social distancing requirements, to the number of people who can be in a location at any one time to a business’s physical layout. Your business clients should stay informed as to the guidelines in their respective states, and to federal mandates. The National Safety Council’s website is an excellent resource to help businesses understand new laws and safety compliance issues as they relate to COVID-19.

Establish and enforce new cleaning and disinfecting safety policies

Reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by cleaning and disinfection is an important part of reopening public spaces and will require careful planning. This is part of the larger U. S. government plan that focuses on the sanitation of public spaces, workplaces, businesses, and schools. According to the CDC, cleaning and disinfection of public spaces will require businesses to develop, implement, maintain, and continually revise their safety programs. For guidance on cleaning and disinfection best practices, your clients should visit the CDC website.

Monitor the health of employees

With everything businesses need to be doing right now, it can be a challenge to keep a close eye on the health of each and every worker. When possible, businesses should consider designating a point person to regularly monitor the overall health of employees. This person (or several people, if necessary) can help ensure that protocols, such as regular temperature taking and issuing proper PPE, are followed in order to maintain a safe working environment as the business slowly gets back to “new normal” operations. If an employee becomes ill, have a plan to isolate them and to provide them with the required care.

Slowly bring back employees

For many businesses, working from home isn’t an option for their employees. For retailers and restaurants, reopening means the return of employees to the workplace. When bringing workers back, businesses should start slow and consider bringing back only the minimum number of employees they need to operate with at any one time. This strategy could include staggering shifts, alternating work days, and offering part-time work options.

Your clients with brick-and-mortar businesses will no doubt be challenged as they continue to battle COVID-19 and get back to work. You can support your business insureds as they reopen by being a resource to help them better understand how they can practice COVID-19 safety and mitigate potential risks. Now is the perfect time to review policies with your clients and let them know that you’re here to help.

This is a challenging time for everyone as we learn how to navigate changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. At FastrackCE, we’re pleased that we can make it easy for you to maintain current CE licensing requirements so you can continue to serve your business clients. When you need us, we’re here to help. For more information, call 800-544-3605 or visit us at

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