Experts Recommend These 5 Insurtech Tools for Insurance Agents in 2022

December is typically when insurance professionals turn their thoughts to marketing strategies for the new year. However, while fine-tuning your sales process may be at the top of your list, it has become equally important to understand how certain tech-related tools can be incorporated into your marketing strategy to help you stand out from the competition, grow your book of business and increase retention.

According to, the following is a list of the top five insurtech tools that a number of tech, marketing and business leaders recommend as must-haves for insurance agents, brokers and companies in 2022.

Website quote tools. Imagine being able to sell insurance and generate leads 24/7. Agents who have an online quoting platform on their websites already know how powerful this tool can be in building their agency. Not only can quotes be instantly generated in real-time, but information provided by prospects can become a new lead to follow up on. Some quote tools also include product comparisons and the ability to text PDF quotes. 

Automation programs. The ability to automate key marketing processes will naturally free up more selling time. And while you may already be using some services to help with administrative processes, there are other ways for you to take full advantage of automation for marketing purposes. For example, AZBigMedia notes that services such as Zapier or Airtable can automatically import new leads, sort them by value or priority, and then generate an email or appointment in an all-inclusive scheduling app. Keeping the prospecting and lead pipeline full without having to manually manage processes is a game-changer. 

Performance transparency apps. Is your agency hitting its goals or falling behind? Performance and goal-setting apps can help your agency establish, measure and stay on track with your selling benchmarks. Some apps, such as AgencyZoom, can help firms with multiple producers track agent performance and generate sales reports. Even when you’re out of the office, you can ensure that your sales are trending up.

Knowledge platforms. Giving policyholders something of value has never gone out of style — especially in the insurance industry. Knowledge platforms enable you to easily share important information with prospects and clients, demonstrating your level of expertise and establishing yourself as a thought leader. For example, do you specialize in a particular sector, such as health care, hospitality or construction? By regularly delivering relevant information directly to your target audience, you build credibility, trust and your business.     

Digital faxes. The 1990s called, and they want their facsimile machine back. While many sectors continue to use fax machines (e.g., some government agencies and health care organizations), an insurance agency shouldn’t be one of them. Digital faxes are a convenient tool for insurance professionals and their policyholders to easily and securely send and receive sensitive documents. Today’s insurance customers expect convenience from their agents. Featuring an interface similar to that of email software, most digital fax applications can be used to easily send faxes from your agency’s email account and website portal.


A new year is right around the corner. Now is the best time to learn more about how these tech tools can help you seize more selling opportunities in 2022.  

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