Selling Supplemental Insurance: Tips for Success

Many insurance agents focus more on the more common insurance products, without considering how ancillary insurance products can boost their revenue. However, with employers cutting back on benefits due to rising costs, and with customers and businesses buying less insurance than they need in troubled times, it’s possible that supplemental insurance is an idea whose time has come. Here are some tips for promoting supplemental insurance to your customers.

Focus on the customers you already have. The person who is already a customer is the best type of lead—they already trust you, since they’ve bought from you before. And because you already provide their insurance, you understand their particular needs and are better able to counsel them regarding supplemental insurance. You’re more likely to see results from individual consultation with existing customers than in marketing unfamiliar supplemental insurance products to a cold audience.

Think about the prospect’s needs. Take a look at your existing customers—and see if there are any holes in their coverage that you can fill with supplemental coverage. Consider the scenarios in which the customer might need that coverage—and whether that scenario is likely to happen, or how at-risk the customer is. Some coverage might be a long shot—but in some cases, the customer may really need that supplemental insurance coverage.

Educate the prospect. Once you’ve identified a need, you can start telling your prospects about the new product. In many cases, however, you’ll have to assume that the prospect does not know he or she needs that insurance—and you’ll have to educate them. You can do this in an individual meeting, or you can do it with a targeted marketing campaign that outlines the gaps in coverage, the dangers, and your solution. Often, an approach that encompasses both can be most effective.

Offer discounts. In some cases, your prospect may not have bought this insurance as a cost-saving measure—and is likely to be sensitive to price. If you can offer a discount on your supplemental insurance product—or educate the customer about discounts offered by your parent company—you’ll have a greater chance of success. Look into possible ways your customers may be eligible for premium discounts—and send them an email or letter outlining the benefits.

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Bear in mind that some states require additional licensure to sell certain types of supplemental insurance. Be sure to investigate your state’s requirements regarding licensure and insurance continuing education regarding the type of supplemental insurance you would sell. Once that’s done, follow these tips—and check out more here and here. With this advice, chances are you’ll be able to generate a new revenue stream with the sale of supplemental insurance.

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