Six Things Every Insurance Agent’s Website Should Have

Sure, your website should say a little about you, the companies you work for, and the insurance you sell. But it’s also a marketing tool that can be used to reach out to your prospects in various ways—and collect pre-qualified leads. Here are just a few of the things any insurance agent should include on a business website.

A regular newsletter or e-zine. It doesn’t have to be extensive. But it does have to provide regular contact with your prospects. Your regular email can go out anywhere from once a month to once a week and provide your prospects with valuable tips about buying insurance, important info about the discounts you offer, and other information of interest to them. This lets you stay in front of your prospects—and even those who’ve already turned you down once are more likely to think of you and your company when their needs change. In addition, it’s an automatic tool for collecting pre-qualified leads—since the people who sign up for your newsletter are clearly already interested in you and what you sell.

A blog. A blog helps you in the search engine rankings, since Google will rank you higher if you continually update your site with fresh content. It will also allow you to demonstrate your expertise to visitors. Those who aren’t quite ready to buy may find your blog much easier than they would your competitors’, and will be more likely to give you a call when they do need insurance.

A link to your social media presence. Your website should connect to your Twitter and Facebook presence, and all the other social media sites you occupy. Social media is a great way to keep top-of-mind with prospects, especially with younger markets—although it’s becoming more important with groups of all ages.

Information on the type of insurance you sell. Prospects should be able to find out what type of insurance you sell easily and quickly.

An online quote tool. Your prospects may not be ready to pick up the phone. But if they can get an online quote and it comes in less expensive than their current insurance, you may have just made a sale—without doing any of the hard work. Prospects often expect to be able to get an instant quote online, and may not stick around to contact you for an in-person version—so be sure to provide online quotes on your website.

A reason to work with you. There are a lot of insurance agents and companies out there. Why should your prospect work with you and not your competition? Do you provide better customer service, cheaper rates, or more years in the business than anyone else working in your area? It will help you to think about how your services are different than your competitors’—and how that benefits your customers.

Getting ahead in the insurance industry isn’t easy. But it can be much easier with a website that does a lot of the work of prospecting and sales for you up front. Follow these tips, and you should be able to develop a website that generates leads—and revenue. Check out Impact Branding and Design’s blog for more tips on building a website that can enhance your insurance business.

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