California Ethics for the Senior Market - Includes CA Anti-Fraud Training

CE Course description

Senior Issues

The “Ethics…Senior Issues” course is designed to provide students with continuing education in the area of ethics. It pays special attention to the various components and issues specific to the world of ethical approaches and behavior in the vast emerging senior marketplace.

It enhances the ethical and professional competence of financial and insurance professionals aspiring to make ethics a cornerstone of their personal mission, as well as to fulfill their state continuing education requirements. It provides a comprehensive basis for client-centered professional behavior and a basis for longer-term senior client building success.

The course pays special attention to principles and guidelines; as well as discussion and training on practical applications over the senior market landscape. It acknowledges the elevated standards of conduct that are expected of professionals when dealing with elders. It includes an examination of the key principles and guidelines associated with those responsibilities as one goes about working within their profession for the financial benefit of others, especially seniors.

It also acknowledges and includes examination of professional conduct, behavior, and sound practices in working with individual senior clients as well as adhering to high standards for the benefit of maintaining a positive and professional perception within the population as a whole.

Besides the goal of acquiring additional credits toward continuing education requirements, it is our hope that students will acquire a new level of competency and insight into this highly critical area of ethics.

Anti-Fraud Awareness

As insurance agents and brokers you provide an essential service and serve as an important resource for homeowners, renters, drivers and consumers across the state. You also play a key role in anti-fraud efforts for the insurance industry as you are in a unique position to detect suspicious insurance applications, potential fraudulent transactions, and claims, and stop them before the fraud is committed.

Because of the change in state law, beginning in 2023, agents and brokers now have a duty to report suspected fraud. The new requirement will assist investigators in the Enforcement Department to do their job to protect consumers.

This training is really aimed at helping you identify red flags for potential fraud so you can meet your reporting duty. In doing so, you are helping prevent fraudulent insurance transactions and sending a strong deterrent message.

We look at how to get a better handle on knowing how identity thieves and other forms of fraud work, what they are looking for, what they do with what they steal, and how it affects us both in time and money – all negatively affecting our financial well-being, as well as retirement savings and investing.

We review what should and can be done if, if fact, one becomes a victim of “Fraud” in all of its forms and areas of fraud in California.

Total Hrs / Order Price
1-5 hrs $19.95
6-17 hrs $29.95
18-24 hrs $44.95
25-50 hrs $54.95
51+ hrs $54.95 + $2.00 per additional hour over 50
In addition: A State filing fee of $0.65 Per Credit Hour will be added to the total

Pricing based on total number of hours in order.