California Errors and Omissions

CE Course description

No matter what line of work you’re in, you’re at a greater risk of being involved in a lawsuit than at any time in past history. We live in a litigation-friendly society, where unfortunate occurrences are often seen as someone’s fault—rather than happenstance. High-profile lawsuits are common topics of news coverage. Our products and services are more complicated than ever—providing more opportunities for things to go wrong. And anyone can be a target—from employers and businesses to individual citizens.

Errors and omissions insurance provides important protection to professionals in every sector, covering claims for damages that aren’t covered by other forms of liability insurance. As an insurance agent, you can help other professionals protect themselves from financial loss due to errors, omissions, or negligence.

This course provides you with a thorough understanding of errors and omissions insurance, including applicable legal concepts, forms, and legal terms,. With it, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to sell errors and omissions insurance to your business and professional customers. Topics include:

  • The liability environment today.
  • Managing risk.
  • Liability insurance.
  • E&O Liability.
  • Agent-Broker E&O.

No professional or business can afford to leave themselves unprotected when it comes to errors and omissions. As an insurance agent, your expert knowledge in this area will provide a beneficial service to your clients. Order this online course today—and help your customers safeguard their businesses.

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