California Understanding Liability Coverage

CE Course description

Liability coverage protects insureds from legal liability in case of harm caused to others—including bodily injury and damage to property. It plays a big part in most major insurance lines—and it’s a crucial part of business for most insurance agents.

This course provides you with an in-depth look at liability coverage. You’ll learn how it works, typical provisions, and legal theory impacting liability coverage today. Through this course, you’ll enhance your insurance business—and gain the knowledge you need to provide your clients with expert consultation in liability coverage. Topics covered in this course include:

  • Understanding liability.
  • Liability and tort law.
  • Establishing negligence.
  • Duties and defenses.
  • Strict, vicarious, and products liability.
  • Liability coverage and comprehensive liability.

This course is available in convenient online format—making it easy for you to meet your state’s insurance continuing education requirements. Receive your course materials immediately after download, and study on your own time—in the comfort of your home or office—without the need to attend a scheduled class. Receive your test scores instantly after completion—without waiting for results. Order this comprehensive online course today and meet insurance continuing education requirements without disrupting your work schedule or family obligations.

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