California Beyond Insurance

CE Course description

Insurance agents are in the asset protection business. And for most agents, risk management and protection is a big part of the job. But no insurance policy is airtight. Some clients are underinsured or can’t be fully insured—and there are times when the policy can fail to insure. In addition, market forces push insurance companies out of business from time to time—leaving clients exposed.

That’s why it’s important to look beyond insurance when it comes to protecting client assets. For more foolproof coverage, it’s necessary to be aware of legal and asset protection planning strategies that will keep your clients’ assets covered in case of a failure to insure—for whatever reason. No matter the type of insurance you sell, it’s important to be aware of gaps and flaws in coverage—and where the solutions can be found.

This course helps you assess your clients’ coverage needs—and design back-up protection plans that will truly protect them in an unpredictable world. Topics covered include:

  • When insurance fails to insure.
  • Asset protection planning.
  • Legal protection theory.
  • Problems with legal entity protection.
  • Offshore protection.
  • Multi-entity protection and structuring.

This course is available in convenient online format, allowing you instant access to class materials and test results. Study on your own time—and in the comfort of your own home or office—and meet your state insurance continuing education requirements easily and conveniently. Order this course today and get started.

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