California California Homeowners Valuation

CE Course description

This 3-hour course complies with California continuing education requirements for Homeowners insurance, and it’s designed to give you a solid understanding of home valuation methodologies useful in any Homeowners insurance sales practice.

Homeowners insurance depends on an accurate assessment of a home’s value in order to determine appropriate compensation for damage or loss. As an insurance agent selling Homeowners insurance, home valuation is a crucial skill—and necessary to determine the right level of coverage and compensation for customers.

Learn how to assess home structure, construction, fire mitigation measures, and more to provide an accurate value for the home. Brush up on California laws and regulations affecting home valuation and fire mitigation. And learn the effects of catastrophes on a home’s replacement cost.

Topics covered include:

  • Dwelling vs. homeowners insurance policies.
  • Basic concepts of home valuation.
  • Replacement cost vs. actual cash value.
  • How to determine replacement value.
  • Overview of construction types.
  • California fire protection programs.
  • Common endorsements.
  • Basic fire policy and fire mitigation measures.

This course is available for immediate download in PDF form. The convenient online format allows busy working professionals to meet California continuing education requirements easily and conveniently, without the need to wait for test results or attend a scheduled class. Download this course today—and get started expanding your knowledge of home valuation.

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1-5 hrs $19.95
6-17 hrs $29.95
18-24 hrs $44.95
25-50 hrs $54.95
51+ hrs $54.95 + $2.00 per additional hour over 50
In addition: A State filing fee of $0.65 Per Credit Hour will be added to the total

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