California Insurance Issues

CE Course description

Let’s face it—the Internet is changing everything. Including the insurance industry. Keep abreast of online trends—and learn how our digital age is changing the way agents sell insurance.

This course is approved for insurance continuing education. It offers an overview of the profit potential—and pitfalls—of selling insurance on the Internet, as well as the rules and regulations that govern such transactions. It also provides a thorough grounding in fraudulent activities—and how to ensure ethical operations in your own practice, whether you sell insurance online or in person. In addition, this course provides unique insight into insurance as a social instrument—and the fundamentals of underwriting and risk assessment.

Topics covered include:

  • Insurance on the Internet
  • Identifying and clarifying the risks of technology
  • Insurance fraud and abuse
  • Insurance as a social instrument

This course is available for convenient online download—allowing agents to study on their own time without conforming to a class schedule. With online education, agents can receive access to course materials immediately after download—and get test results instantly after completion. Order this course today—and get started meeting your state’s continuing education requirements easily and quickly.

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51+ hrs $54.95 + $2.00 per additional hour over 50
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