Course Title   Hours Instructor Date Time DOI Approval#
Annuities … "Peeling Back the Onion" 1 Brett Decker Pending 10:00am - 11:00am PST 345871 (Life Only)

Tear-Free CE happening HERE! Beyond the outward uniqueness of annuities revealed, we peel them all back for a closer look inside at the key provisions of fixed, variable, and indexed annuities and how they affect consumers. Also examined and revealed by the peel are the parties to an annuity with their rights and responsibilities, taxation of qualified and non-qualified annuities, specific qualified tax sheltered plans, primary uses of annuities…and more!

Coming Soon
Black Market to Free Market - Commercial Cannabis Training Series 1 Mike Aberle On Demand Coming Soon Pending (Property and Casualty)

The first in a series of Fastcast presentations, this session will provide a general overview of the Cannabis industry as it stands today. You will learn the differences between Cannabis, CBD and Hemp. Also reviewed are state laws that impact the industry, as well as different operations and associated the risks involved.ON DEMAND COMING SOON

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