Georgia- Ethics and the Senior Market

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  • Ethics

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The senior market in California is growing. The number of seniors in California is expected to double between 2000 and 2020, with approximately one in every five Californians over 65 by 2030. With California’s senior population expanding, it’s crucial for producers to understand the unique ethical challenges and issues specific to this market.

This course focuses on ethics for the senior market. It meets California 4-hour ethics training regulations and can be used to fulfill your California continuing education requirements for ethics. And it’s focused on helping insurance professionals develop a sound ethical foundation for building a senior-centered client base.

With this course, you’ll learn about ethical selling practices and issues specific to seniors—and how to make strong ethical decisions within a complex and challenging business environment. It provides you with the practical tools you need to operate with integrity across the broad senior market landscape. And it makes you aware of the many frauds and schemes targeting seniors in today’s marketplace. Topics covered include:

  • California laws and consumer protections regarding seniors.
  • Common schemes targeting seniors.
  • Suitability of products.
  • Fair claims practices.
  • Fair underwriting practices.
  •  Credit scoring.
  • Consumer privacy.
  • Fair sales practices.
  • Market conduct.
  • Consumer protection regulations.

This course is designed for working professionals. It’s delivered in an easy-to-download online format, allowing you to study on a schedule that’s convenient for you. And we get you study materials and test results quickly, so you can meet your California continuing education requirements within the deadline.

Order this course today—and start earning your California continuing education ethics credits without delay.

Required CE Hours for Renewal in Georgia

  • All Licenses

    • 24 hours of CE every 2 years (3 hours must be in ethics)
    • CE courses must be in the line of authority.
  • Licensed over 20 years

    • 20 hours of CE every 2 years (3 hours must be in ethics)
    • CE courses must be in the line of authority.

Special Training/Education Requirements (LTC, Flood, Ethics, others)

  • Long Term Care -LTC

    • Agents wishing to sell Long Term Care are required to take a one time only 8 hour Department of Insurance certified course
    • Each license term thereafter each agent must complete a 4 hour Long Term Care Partnership CE course that is approved by the department.
  • Any one wanting to sell Long term care in the state of Georgia must take a 2 hour Georgia specific Medicaid course.
  • Flood Insurance Training

    • An insurance producer who sells flood insurance may satisfy the minimum training and education requirements by completing a 3-hour course related to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

How Hours are Reported

  • CE completions are submitted electronically the next business day after a passing completion is acquired.

License Term

  • Continuing education requirements must be completed biennially on or before the last day of the licensee's birth month.

Course Type approved for Continuing Education

  • Online courses
  • Independent Self-study
  • Classroom Study

Final Exam

  • Final exams are to be monitored by a disinterested third party.
  • Final exams are Closed book.
  • A passing grade of at least 70% required to pass the course.

Carryover CE Hours

  • 7 CE credits may be carried over from one term to another.

Repeating Courses

  • Courses may NOT be taken for credit more than once in a 5 year period, unless topic of study is current issues, ethics or legislative updates.

Completion Certificates

  • Certificates of completion are available as soon as a course is completed with a passing grade. Certificates should be printed and kept on file.


  • A newly licensed agent who completed the Georgia prelicense education requirement will be exempt for the first reporting period.
  • Nonresident agents are exempt except for state specific LTC continuing education course(see above).

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