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Insurance Continuing Education Courses

FastrackCE offers a large selection of state-specific insurance continuing education courses.

Meet your state’s CE requirements quickly and conveniently with outstanding, interesting course material designed for agents and producers in all insurance fields.
We offer in-depth content for working professionals, as well as standard insurance continuing education courses that provide licensees with the information necessary to complete CE requirements.

Topics range from principles of insurance specialties to claims, workers’ compensation, agent liability, and more.
Course materials are available immediately and you will see test results instantly after taking an exam. We report test results within one business day to the appropriate entity.

A Course for Everyone​

All FastrackCE courses are approved by State Departments of Insurance for insurance continuing education. Our curriculum developers stay informed on changes to legislation and CE requirements, so your course material remains up to date. ​

Course options vary by state and include: ​

  • Ethics
  • Property & Casualty
  • Life & Health
  • Annuity
  • Long Term Care
  • National Flood Insurance
  • Insurance Law

Ethics CE Training

In many states, insurance providers are required to complete a certain number of CE credits in ethics and consumer protection training as part of their regular insurance continuing education course requirements.

Our ethics continuing education courses are approved for all states that have this requirement.
Get the ethics training hours you need and hone the expertise required to handle ethical issues you encounter in your own insurance practice fairly and professionally.

Property & Casualty CE Training

In most states, a licensee is required to complete continuing education specifically for this license type to be eligible to renew a license. Ethics continuing education could also be required so please check your specific state requirements before purchasing and completing your courses.

A Property and Casualty (P & C) license is one of the most common insurance licenses and allows you to sell insurance for commercial property, all types of liability and personal property such as homeowners and auto. Our course catalog covers many of the diverse topics that fall into this category.

Life & Health CE Training

Your state likely requires continuing education to renew a license. The various license types mandate the type of courses required so be sure and refer to the specifics for the state in which you are licensed.

A Life and Health (L & H) license is another of the most common insurance licenses and allows you to sell insurance for life and health coverages, protecting a claimant from loss relating to medical situations or death. Browse our course catalog to explore the various courses offered and choose the ones that best suit you.

Annuity CE Training

Many states require specific insurance continuing education courses for those involved in the sale of annuity products. We offer classes that provide a comprehensive examination of annuity contract provisions, classifications, taxation, and the benefits and drawbacks of available plans to consumers.

Our annuity training courses provide key insight to those new in the field, as well as a valuable review for those with experience.

Long Term Care Training (LTC) CE Training

In many states, those engaged in the sale of long term care products are required to take an introductory training and certification class, as well as a certain number of insurance CE credits every license renewal period. We offer all the LTC training you need, including introductory and continuing education hours.
Long term care insurance can be highly complicated and affected by constantly-changing regulations. Our insurance continuing education courses provide an in-depth introduction to those new to the sale of LTC insurance, as well as valuable market updates for those with experience.

National Flood CE Training

After the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2004, State Departments of Insurance nationwide took measures to establish insurance continuing education course requirements for agents who sell flood insurance. If you are engaged in the sale of flood insurance as part of your practice, you will most likely need to undergo specific training as part of your insurance CE requirements. We offer online flood insurance courses suitable for all agents in all states where this is a requirement.

Insurance Law CE Training

Understanding insurance law is crucial to providing informed and ethical consultation to your customers. It’s also important to understand the law as it affects agents, producers, and adjusters—and know how to protect yourself from litigation.

Our insurance continuing education courses cover all aspects of insurance law in fifty states. Learn the law as it applies to the insurance you sell, and learn how to protect yourself from the possibility of a lawsuit.