Feedback from some of our Continuing Education Customers

Easy to register and complete course

I got the education I needed and got my license renewed.

I found the courses I needed for my CE. The payment was good because I benefited from various courses required, which lead to an excellent discount. Lastly the login, study materials and tests were clear enough to study at my pace and pass the first each time. I will use them again.

Very easy to use and reports test results quickly

Great CE program! Easy to purchase, easy to access and very quick!

I left my CE until the last possible moment. No excuse. I've known the date for 2 years! I called the FastrackCE number and spoke to the gentleman who provided me personal, relevant advice. Boom, CE completed. I would've lost my hard-earned license without him. Thanks!

Excellent service!!!

Very easy to use website and the course material was layed out just right.

great service!!!

Great company to work with. Fast service and quick reporting of my test results to the state. Highly recommend.

The questions were challenging but fair.

Best CE option available. Fast and easy. Very efficient. If you need help, they are always available by phone. Great service.

The experience was good. I was able to understand everything. Each text prepared me for the final exam.

Fast ! I always need sign in help as I use their services every other year. They respond immediately. Results posted fast for my Insurance info CEd.

Great material - easy to read and complete. Tests are clear and are directly from the material

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