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CE Course description

By 2020, population experts estimate that the number of Americans over age 65 will rise to over 50 million—an increase of 30% over the past 20 years. Paying for long-term care is difficult in California—seniors and their families cannot rely on Medicare, Medicare supplementary insurance, or ordinary health insurance policies to meet these costs. As the population of seniors increases, the need for long-term care insurance will also grow.

California regulations require Life and Health agents and producers wishing to enter this market to undergo an 8-hour state approved Long Term Care course every year for the first 4-years—as well as 8 hours of state-approved LTC training every two years thereafter. This course meets all requirements for initial 8-hour training—and will help you get started selling a much-needed product to California’s senior market.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Long-term care insurance: what it is, and what it covers.
  • Government-sponsored health care options, including Medicaid.
  • Alternatives for funding long-term care costs.
  • Ethical sales of long-term care products.
  • Suitability of long-term care insurance.
  • California Medi-Cal and Long-Term Care Partnership programs.

This course is delivered online—allowing you access to all materials immediately after payment. With our convenient online course format, you’ll be able to study on your own time, without commuting to class. And you’ll get test results immediately after completion. Order this course today and get started providing long-term care insurance to customers who need it.

Total Hrs / Order Price
1-5 hrs $19.95
6-17 hrs $29.95
18-24 hrs $44.95
25-50 hrs $54.95
51+ hrs $54.95 + $2.00 per additional hour over 50
In addition: A State filing fee of $0.65 Per Credit Hour will be added to the total

Pricing based on total number of hours in order.