How to Use Adobe PDFs “Read Out Loud” Feature on FastrackCE Courses

How to Use Adobe PDFs “Read Out Loud” Feature on FastrackCE Courses post thumbnail

If you’re a FastrackCE enthusiast, you’re in for a treat! Did you know? Adobe PDFs come equipped with a handy "Read Out Loud" feature that can significantly enhance your learning experience, especially with our courses. In this blog, we'll guide you through the step-by-step process to seamlessly integrate Text To Speech into your FastrackCE courses.

Brief Overview of the Adobe PDF "Read Out Loud" Feature


Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let's take a moment to appreciate the brilliance of Adobe PDF's "Read Out Loud" feature. This functionality, often overlooked, can transform your static PDFs into audiobooks. By using this feature, you can absorb the valuable content from your FastrackCE courses while you work out, commute home, or walk your dog.

Using Text to Speech on FastrackCE Courses


FastrackCE courses offer diverse content, and while reading is fantastic, listening can provide an alternative and complementary learning channel. The "Read Out Loud" feature bridges this gap, offering a multi-sensory experience that caters to various learning preferences.

Step-by-Step Guide - Enabling "Read Out Loud" in Adobe PDFs


1. Accessing the "Read Out Loud" Feature


To utilize Adobe PDF's audio feature, ensure you have version 6 or later. If you're on an earlier version, a quick update is in order to unlock this capability. For PDFs to be truly accessible, ensure the text is recognized by Acrobat Reader (not just an image). Highlighting text word by word enables the 'Read Out Loud' tool to work its magic.

Now, open your course PDF in Adobe, and locate the "View" menu. Once there, navigate to the "Read Out Loud" option. A submenu will unveil the "Activate Read Out Loud" command.

2. Configuring Settings for Optimal Experience


Switch off the 'Reflow' setting for optimal performance. Navigate through the Edit menu (or press CTRL+K), choose Accessibility, untick 'Always use Zoom Setting,' and reopen your PDF.

3. Maximizing your Audiobook


Now, dive into your course with ease:

  • Choose your preferred reading mode: 'Read This Page Only' (Shift+Ctrl+V) or 'Read To End Of Document' (Shift+Ctrl+B).
  • Beware of the "Warning - Empty page" message; ensure Reflow is switched off.

Controlling the Narration


When you need to pause or stop the reading:

  • Pause: Read Out Loud > Pause (or Shift+Ctrl+C).
  • Stop: Read Out Loud > Stop (or Shift+Ctrl+E).

To wrap it up, remember:

  • To deactivate 'Read Out Loud': View > Read Out Loud > Deactivate (or Shift+Ctrl+Y).

Customizing Your Reading Experience


Fine-tune the "Read Out Loud" settings to match your preferences. Adjust the voice settings, speed, and volume until you find the perfect combination.

Want to change the reading voice? Simply:

  • Navigate to Edit > Preferences (or press CTRL+K).
  • Under Reading, uncheck 'Use default voice.'
  • Choose a voice from the list, like the friendly ScanSoft Daniel.
  • Click OK.

Personalization is the key to an enjoyable auditory learning experience.

By following this step-by-step guide, you've unlocked a new dimension of learning that caters to both your auditory and visual senses. Why settle for one when you can have the best of both worlds? Embrace the future of learning with Text To Speech and elevate your FastrackCE experience today!

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